Danielle is one of the most capable, innovative and "tech-savvy" people I have worked with since starting down the challenging and rewarding entrepreneurial road.

She has the perfect combination of knowledge and skills required to master digital marketing tactics, techniques and procedures and execute multi-platform, multi-level and multi-directional target approaches that absolutely dominate.

Not only does she understand Strategy from the 50,000' level, she can also get "down in the weeds" and find the radio button or switch that needs to be flipped inside of programs and systems to accomplish tech micro-moves with skill and finesse.

From the time we started working together, she has been an enthusiastic and motivated asset to my Team - And she never failed to have an educated answer to tough questions or suggest absolutely solid courses of action that reflect her knowledge and imagination.

Highest possible recommendation - We plan to continue working with Danielle whenever possible - You should too!



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