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Monthly Masterclass

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join at any time ?

As a member do I have 24/7 access to you for coaching?

I've already got some funnels running and I'm not a beginner - will this group have enough new training to be worth it for me ?

Am I locked into a contract ? Will it be awkward if I want to cancel ?

Not at all! You can cancel at any time, absolutely no hard feelings! I understand that every business is different, and while my goal will be to constantly provide content and support that meets every member's needs, I fully understand that at any given time the group may or may not be what you need. Feel free to join us again at any time! Just keep in mind that as long as you stay in the Mastermind you are price protected, but if you cancel and return it will be at whatever the current monthly rate is. And you may miss out some cool bonuses and swag that will be offered to long-time members!